James Corden and Ashley Graham Want You to Ditch Your New Year’s Diet Resolution (Video)

“Late Late Show” host and model channel Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are'” to share their positive body image message

Last Updated: January 11, 2019 @ 10:14 AM

‘Tis the season for the entire country to go on a health kick, embrace “Dry January,” quit carbs and dig out those old gym clothes.

But James Corden and Ashley Graham want to remind viewers not to diet just because it’s the new year, as they love everyone “Just the Way You Are.”

The “Late Late Show” host and the model joined forces to sing a duet Thursday night encouraging January dieters to be happy with their bodies and quit resolutions that make them miserable.

“Don’t go dieting, because it’s new year. Don’t feel pressure to lose weight,” the pair sang to the tune of the Billy Joel hit song.

“Love your body, enjoy the food you eat, embrace the mirror – you look great!” they encourage, as Corden plays the piano.

“I’d never ask you to change your body, there’s other things you need to fix,” well, that’s not quite as positive … “like how you’re always late to dinner, when we say ‘six,’ show up at six.”

Corden and Graham go on to criticize the subject of their ballad for always wearing the same two shirts and telling jokes worse than their dad.

Watch their entire performance in the video above.