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Watch James Corden Annoy Gordon Ramsay With ‘Friends’ Theme (Video)

And in Los Angeles traffic nonetheless

One thing Gordon Ramsay is: a chef. Things he isn’t: a chauffeur or a connoisseur of American sitcoms.

For Monday’s “Late Late Show,” the celebrity chef drove host James Corden and band leader Reggie Watts to the airport (through Los Angeles traffic nonetheless). The group left from the CBS studios.

To pass the time in traffic — and as Ramsay got more annoyed — Corden decided to see if Ramsay can guess things that start with the letter “F,” in celebration of his new show “The F Word.”

First Corden did a Fonz impression, which Ramsay didn’t get.

Next though, Corden and Watts did the famous claps from the theme song to the long-running sitcom “Friends.” In Ramsay’s defense, it’s hard to tell out of context and when you’re trying to push through LA traffic.

Corden decided to try and help though.

“Does it help if it’s closer to your face?,” James joked, leaning over the front seat. He then gave Ramsay a clue: “The English version of the show is called ‘Mates’.”

“What is wrong with you two?” Ramsay exclaimed.

Thankfully Ramsay got the two to the airport, where they’ll be flying to London for a string of shows. He also got a salad out of the deal.

Watch the car drive above.

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