James Corden Boots Brian Littrell From the Backstreet Boys During Las Vegas Residency Show (Video)

“Late Late Show” performs “Larger Than Life” with the band on stage

James Corden decided to give Brian Littrell some time off from the Backstreet Boys and took over for him during the band’s Las Vegas residency show.

The “Late Late Show” host visited the band backstage and broke the news that he will be giving one of the band members a (not-so-needed) break.

“Corden’s back, alright!” the “Late Late Show” host told the boys, quoting their song “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).”

“That’s really sweet, but James, we’re the band, people come to Vegas to see US,” Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson responded.

Corden didn’t want to hear it and asked everyone to close their eyes and raise their hand for which band member should be expelled for this one show. Of course, no one participated, so Corden made his own decision.

“Brian, you got the most votes,” Corden told Littrell, who didn’t take the news lightly. “Brian, it’s happening.”

Corden then went on to practice with the remaining Backstreet Boys, and soon found out he had no idea what he got himself into.

“You do this wearing white?” he asked while getting on a rising platform for the beginning of the show. “Well, that’s a stupid decision because I’m going to s— my pants.”

Soon, it’s show time, and the Backstreet Boys and their special guest performed “Larger Than Life” to start. Corden killed it but when he realized the band had more than 20 songs left on their setlist, he quit the band.

Watch the video above.