James Corden’s 11 Most Traffic-Stopping Carpool Karaoke Hits, From Adele to Bieber (Videos)

‘The Late Late Show’ host’s carpools with pop stars have earned him viral stardom and a primetime special tonight on CBS.

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Corden’s rainy London drive with the Grammy-winning singer is Carpool Karaoke’s YouTube queen with nearly 90 million views. When not being floored by Corden’s harmonizing, Adele offered her take on Nicki Minaj’s “Monster”

One Direction

With Zayn Malik no longer a member, 1D could comfortably fit in Corden’s five-seater. In between hits, Corden asked the group’s remaining members why they don’t do dance routines like their boy band ancestors, and offered to be their choreographer.


After whipping out a matching wig, Corden put the singer-songwriter’s freaky double-jointed hands to the test by filling them with a dozen eggs.

Jennifer Hudson

One of the earliest Carpools featured singer-actress Hudson, who sang Corden’s order to an Astro Burger drive thru attendant.

Stevie Wonder

Corden made his wife’s week –maybe her life — when he had the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer call and sing her a song.

Chris Martin

The Coldplay front man hitched a ride with Corden on the way to his band’s Super Bowl halftime show. During the ride, Martin whipped out a portable keyboard for an impromptu performance of “Us Against the World.”

Elton John

Feather boas, colored glasses and lion manes were the order of the day when Sir Elton climbed in the car to sing “Crocodile Rock” and “Circle of Life” with Corden.

Rod Stewart

The Brit singer-songwriter chatted with Corden about trashing hotel rooms and the rock star life before playing “Everyday” to ritually summon A$AP Rocky into the backseat.

Carrie Underwood

The singer gave Corden some pointers on building a country image. And of course, there was a “Jesus Take The Wheel” joke thrown in during the drive.

Justin Bieber

By far the most famous of the carpools is Corden’s drive with the Biebs. Say what you will about the Canadian pop star, but he was game for whatever Corden wanted to do or ask, including a talk about making out to his own music. In fact, this video was such a big hit…

Justin Bieber Redux

…that Corden brought Biebs back for two more drives, including this one back from the Grammys while the two were dressed in their finest whites.