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Ex-Roommates James Corden and Dominic Cooper Put the ‘Cute’ in ‘Electrocute’ (Video)

This is what ”Preacher“ star gets for introducing ”Late Late Show“ host to his wife

Don’t try this at home, kids — unless you really, really know your buddy, that is.

When “Preacher” star Dominic Cooper stopped by the “Late Late Show” Monday night to visit his old roommate, host James Corden, the pair decided to play a round of “Shock Therapy.”

“Dominic and I are very, very old friends,” Corden told the audience while setting up the bit. “We used to live together. We first met in 2004, we moved into a flat together in 2008. Dominic introduced me to my wife. And we are very, very dear, old friends. We thought we’d play a game to test our friendship and see how well we know each other.”

The host then pulled out two sets of shockers and clickers to help them both send and receive electric volts for wrong answers about each other. Just make sure you don’t go over seven because that’s when you’re really gonna hear an “Ouch!”

Corden slipped by in the first round with a correct answer about which instrument Cooper had to learn to play for a role when they were living together (“The drums!), but Cooper wasn’t so lucky, getting a nasty sting for answering “Italian?” when asked James’ favorite kind of food.

“Lemme see your seven,” Cooper said, distrustful that the jolt he just got was a fair dose. No, no, it’s totally seven. Chill.

But then Corden couldn’t remember the name of Dominic’s character on “Preacher” (even though he totally watched at least the first episode with his friend). “He’s called… You’ve just turned it up! Show me your seven! You’ve gone to eight!” “Only eight!” Cooper said, laughing. “He’s called Dave. Ahhh!”

Sorry, wrong answer.

Watch the full clip above to see if Cooper knows James’ birthday (he does) and his godson’s middle name (he doesn’t).