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James Corden, Ellie Goulding Perform ‘Love Me Like You Do’ in 8 Musical Genres (Video)

From Rock to Gospel, CBS host and his pop star guest have a little something for everyone

James Corden welcomed Ellie Goulding on Tuesday’s “Late Late Show,” where the host and the pop star performed her hit song “Love Me Like You Do” together — but with a twist. Corden and Goulding broke the ditty down into 8 sections, singing each in a different musical genre.

Not only are the duo to be commended for pulling off a good job — particularly in the “Country” style — the house band and CBS props department played a big part last night as well.

Other genres taking a turn included “Rock,” “Rave,” “Reggae,” and “Gospel,” among a few more. So, if the original pop song is not your cup of tea, perhaps at least one of the interpretations will satiate.

Watch the video above, where Goulding proves to be a very game guest.