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James Corden Gives Aaron Paul a Chance at ‘Price Is Right’ Redemption (Video)

”Breaking Bad“ star experienced crushing ”Price Is Right“ defeat 17 years ago

Before “Breaking Bad,” Aaron Paul’s claim to fame — or infamy, some might say — was his painful defeat on “The Price Is Right.” Now he has a chance to redeem himself courtesy of James Corden and “The Late Late Show.”

Seventeen years ago, a babyfaced, excitable Paul was given the chance to “Come on down!” He made it to the Showcase and had a chance to win a shiny Chevy Camaro. Unfortunately, Bob Barker informed him that his bid of $26,500 was over by just $132.

Of course, Paul is so successful now he could buy practically any car he wants. Though no amount of fame, wealth, or Emmys could soothe the trauma he experienced in Television City that fateful day. Enter James Corden, who helped Paul break onto the “Price is Right” set and stage a mock game with a mop, a mannequin, and a Drew Carey cardboard stand as his rival contestants.

Problem is, with no one else on the set, Corden had to not only host Paul’s redemption game but also wheel out the prizes. Still, that didn’t put a damper on Paul’s enthusiasm, as he spun the Big Wheel and hit the dollar space.

But when the real Drew Carey showed up to host Paul’s second chance Showcase, history repeated itself. This time, Paul bet a flat $26,000 hoping he would win the exact same Camaro he bid on back in 2000. But Corden, who stood in as Paul’s opponent, lowered his bid based on the car’s value drop and stole Paul’s thunder. “F**k you, ‘Price is Right’!” Paul hissed as he stormed off the set.

You can watch Aaron Paul’s ill-fated chance at redemption in the clip above.

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