James Corden and Gwen Stefani Bust Out Hits, Emoji Impressions on ‘Carpool Karaoke’ (Video)

“Eggplant” temporary stumps the No Doubt singer, but she recovers

Update: “The Late Late Show” aired the full segment this week, and it featured surprise appearances from George Clooney and Julia Roberts, on top of Gwen Stefani, who James Corden promised viewers in the teaser.

Watch the full video above.


James Corden‘s commute could be worse — he could not have Gwen Stefani in the passenger seat of his Range Rover, for example.

Wednesday night, the “Late Late Show” host will welcome the No Doubt frontwoman for “Carpool Karaoke,” and we already have a pretty good taste of what that will look like. In a teaser shown Monday, Corden and Stefani head to the CBS studios, killing time with a singalong — and something else.

First up is mega-hit “Don’t Speak,” later, comes “Used to Love You.”

In-between, for some reason, Corden challenges Stefani to do her best impressions of popular emojis. She nails “red lady in the dress dancing” and “little sideways kiss,” but when “eggplant” gets called out, Stefani simply points to her host.

Watch the teaser below.