James Corden Loves Waking Up to the Smell of (Kevin) Bacon in the Morning (Video)

Duo team to pitch worst cologne since Michael Jordan’s

Everyone loves the smell of bacon in the morning — James Corden is certainly no exception.

It’s a bit unclear whether he prefers the scent of breakfast meat over actor Kevin Bacon — perhaps it’s a little bit of both. Or maybe there’s another explanation.

“Wait, I’m confused,” Corden says at one point during their Wednesday pitch for fragrance Bacon by Bacon. “Does it smell like you, or does it smell like Bacon?”

“We smell exactly the same,” the “Footloose” star replies. So, now that that’s clear.

The quick commercial bit begins with Bacon (the actor, not the cooked pig parts) waking Corden up from a deep sleep. They then mock all the stupid fragrance-ad tropes, like screaming, interpretive dance, crying blood (or maybe it’s just bacon grease) and quick camera zoom-in/zoom-out.

“I’m hungry … I’m lonely … I’m horny,” Corden admits during the artistic minute. There’s apparently only one cure for everything that ails the CBS “Late Late Show” host — and no, it’s not sausage.

At one point, Bacon is seen sitting in a bathtub filled with — you guessed it — bacon. “Next to the pancake of your soul, there is only bacon,” Bacon reads.

Cut more yelling and maniacal laughter. Watch the video above.