James Corden Nicknames Kevin Hart ‘Jokey Smurf’ in Rap Battle (Video)

“You know what rhymes with James Corden?/Late-night boredom/You’re not important,” the “Central Intelligence” star spits back

Last Updated: June 16, 2016 @ 10:36 AM

James Corden challenged “Late Late Show” guest Kevin Hart to a rap battle on Wednesday, and per usual, it didn’t quite work out in the CBS host’s favor.

That said, like the lyrics, we’re pretty darn sure these “Drop the Mic” outcomes are all predetermined.

Corden started the whole thing out by attacking the “Central Intelligence” star over an obvious height difference, spitting: “Where is he?/There he is!/I found, you Kevin Hart/There are no small actors but you’re all small parts.”

He then offered the movie star a step stool. Later, Corden nicknamed Hart “Jokey Smurf.”

Neither insult was particularly well-received by the diminutive comic.

Here are some of the best lyrics across several rounds:

“You know what rhymes with James Corden?/Late-night boredom/You’re not important.” -Hart

“You’ve had quite a career/but now real talk/You’ll always be known as the guy who’s not Chris Rock.” -Corden

There’s plenty more where those lines came from.

Watch the video above.

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