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James Corden Combines ‘Making a Murderer’ and ‘Halloween’ So You Don’t Have to Choose Today (Video)

“Making a Halloween Murderer” arrives just in time

Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” Season 2 and Blumhouse’s “Halloween” both came out Friday, so how does one choose which to watch? Well, James Corden just combined the two into one true-crime series/horror flick crossover, “Making a Halloween Murderer,” so maybe start with that.

In the Thursday “Late Late Show” sketch, Corden’s Michael Myers has been locked up four 40 years when he implores a group of documentarians to shed light on his appeal, and to seek out some of his buddies as character witnesses. Cut to: Jason Voorhees, who totally vouches for the guy.

“The only thing Mike ever killed is on the dance floor,” the “Friday the 13th” baddie says. “The guy can move.”

Later, when presented with some violent film footage from the (alleged) crime, Myers admits that video of him attacking Jamie Lee Curtis with a knife in an earlier “Halloween” movie does “look bad.”

Fortunately for the masked man who is definitely not a killer, newly discovered DNA evidence eventual springs him from the clink. And on the outside, he meets a lady — but his freedom and newfound relationship don’t last once the cops sit down and watch all of the other “Halloween” movies.

Watch the video above.