James Corden and Matt Smith Don’t Get Halloween at All and Vanessa Hudgens Is Personally Offended (Video)

The Brits think it’s not a holiday — the American girl begs to differ

Last Updated: August 16, 2018 @ 9:27 AM

The British don’t understand Americans affinity for Oct. 31. Well, at least James Corden and Matt Smith don’t, as they harassed poor Vanessa Hudgens — who “lives for Halloween” — as she raved about her favorite holiday on Wednesday’s “Late Late Show.”

“See, we’re British, we don’t really get it,” Corden said before the “Doctor Who” alum jumped in to say, “It’s not a holiday! It’s not a holiday. It’s a day, it passes. Everyone gets dressed up.”

The “Dog Days” actress doubled down, saying it’s not just a “holiday” but a “season” — and that doesn’t go over too well either.

“Frankly, it’s weird,” the late-night host said when Hudgens suggested that they “embrace your inner darkness.”

Corden and Smith especially don’t understand how adults get so into Halloween.

“It’s like the account manager at my son’s school, who is like an accountant at a big law firm and then he’s opening the door with a big ax in his face and blood dripping down, which like, this is completely normal,” Corden said. “And it’s interesting for 30 seconds and then you end up just going, ‘Oh, did you see the game last night?’ And with a man with an ax in the face!”

The British chaps can’t even remember exactly what month it’s in because you don’t even get the day off. Sigh. Time to give it up, Hudgens.

Watch the clip above.