James Corden Plays Sharon Stone in ‘Basic Instinct’ Remake Starring Michael Douglas (Video)

Please don’t uncross your legs, please don’t uncross your legs

James Corden may have the wig, he may have the dress — but the “Late Late Show” host is no Sharon Stone.

The newish CBS personality used Thursday’s guest Michael Douglas and house bandleader Reggie Watts in a remake of 1992’s “Basic Instinct.” It was roughly a million times less sexy though with Corden playing Stone’s role — that is, unless you ask the captivated Watts.

Luckily for other guest Simon Cowell, there were no other actors required.

The brief, new version wasn’t exactly a shot-for-shot re-do of the interrogation scene — it included a solid three-years-later smoking ban joke — but it had all the key elements.

And when the leg-uncrossing occurred — and boy, did it ever –Douglas lost his lunch. Watts, however, was still all in.

Watch the video above.