James Corden Mocks Oscars Best Picture Flub With Ode to ‘La La Land’ (Video)

Feel the pain of the shortest Best Picture reign in history

Last Updated: February 28, 2017 @ 7:15 AM

James Corden relived the pain of Oscar night in a spot-on “La La Land” spoof that aired Monday night on “The Late Late Show.”

Taking over the role of Mia from Emma Stone, Corden walks into an audition and is asked to tell the producers a story. The story he chooses to tell? Of course it’s how the cast and creators of “La La Land” felt when they won Best Picture — for all of two minutes.

Through song, he recounts the joy everyone involved with the movie felt as they walked up to the Oscars stage, and the absolute shock when it turned out that “Moonlight” was the real winner.

If that isn’t good enough to score you points in an audition, nothing will.

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