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James Corden’s Parents Think Sam in ‘Game of Thrones’ Looks Just Like Their Son (Video)

They also think Bran Stark needs to ”lighten up“

James Corden’s parents are pretty supportive, but they wouldn’t have chosen this (exact) life for their boy. Mum and Dad Corden would rather see their son on “Game of Thrones” than “The Late Late Show.” We’ll explain.

On Tuesday’s episode, the CBS late-night host made his parents watch and review Sunday’s “Game of Thrones” Season 8 premiere. There was just one problem — the Cordens have never seen a minute of the HBO fantasy drama.

So here is how their task went:
“He looks a bit like James when he was younger,” Mum commented about Sam (John Bradley).

“I reckon if he auditioned for this show he could play that role,” Dad chimed in. “Instead of poncing about in Los Angeles, get some decent role.”

Later in the episode, when introduced to Bran, Pop Corden quips that the young man’s surname is “Flakes.” That gets a big laugh from Mum.

“He needs to lighten up a bit doesn’t he?” Dad continued in on the youngest (living) Stark. “He’s a bit dour. I mean, for goodness sakes, go outside, build a snowman or something.”

If only Corden’s father knew how long Bran has been outside.

Watch the video above.