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James Corden: 'All the People That I Know' and 'Respect' Don't Know Why Trump Is in England (Video)

"Up until yesterday, he thought Brexit was the most important meal of the day," CBS host quips on Stephen Colbert's show

James Corden joined "the best lead-in on television," Stephen Colbert's "Late Show," to plug this weekend's Tony Awards and talk a little Trump.

"He's not my president," the non-American citizen Corden corrected Colbert when the "our" commander in chief came up. "He's very much yours."

"It feels great, I'll be honest," Corden added.

Colbert asked his British guest and CBS late-night partner for an "insider's look" on how people in England feel about Trump, generally.

"Well, I think they feel exactly the same as people do here," Corden replied. "Like, I think there is, I'm sure, a very vocal, sort of far-right group of people who think that, 'Yeah, this is absolutely right.' And then there's probably all the people that I know and all the people that I like and respect are like, 'What?' What are you doing here [in England]?'"

"I've been watching the stuff [from Trump's trip to visit the royal family]," he continued, "I'm like, 'What can they be talking about?'"

"Up until yesterday, [Trump] thought Brexit was the most important meal of the day," Corden said.

Watch the video above.

Corden hosts the Tonys on Sunday. Oh, and a nightly talk-show called "The Late Late Show."