James Corden Raps ‘Late Late Show’ Monologue With Beats by Mark Ronson (Video)

After four rhyming jokes, CBS host drops a few hot bars about his show

Last Updated: April 22, 2015 @ 2:46 PM

James Corden is either from the streets, or a lane — depending on who you ask. But the multi-talented “Late Late Show” host can rhyme almost as well as he can sing, which he proved on Tuesday via a rapping monologue.

Joined and encouraged by Grammy-winning producer/DJ Mark Ronson, Corden spit four monologue jokes over a hip-hop beat.

They were:
“A group of prostitutes supporting Hillary’s election/They used to just support her husband Bill’s erection.”

“Dr. Oz’s colleagues wish that he would go away/They say that he’s as qualified as Dr. Dre.”

“Try the Kylie Jenner challenge, your lips will start to grow/I did Bruce’s version, now I’m singing soprano.”

“‘Full House is back on Netflix, it makes me jump and shout/My wife’s like Uncle Joey, wants me to ‘Cut it out.'”

He stopped there, knowing he can do a better job by dropping the topical joke requirement.

Corden welcomed the standing audience to his program with an admittedly good original piece, which closed:
“We’re in a drought so I have to make it rain, yo/I’m James Corden and this is “The Late Late Show.”

Watch the video above.


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