‘We Don’t Talk About Jada’: James Corden Recaps the Oscars With ‘Encanto’ Parody (Video)

Here’s a new version of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” to get stuck in your head

James Corden used Monday night’s episode of his show to recap everything that went down at the Oscars this year — well, except for one thing. In an “Encanto” parody called “We Don’t Talk About Jada,” Corden poked fun at the biggest moment of the night.

To start the bit, the camera panned over Corden and his staff preparing for the night’s show, trying to decide what they wanted to talk about during the show. Head writer Ian Karmel kept trying to steer Corden and the group toward the obvious — Will Smith’s on-stage slapping of Chris Rock — but the host cut him off.

“No. You saw what happened,” Corden said. “We have to talk about something else.”

As another writer tried to back up Karmel, Corden remained firm, saying “No. We don’t talk about Jada. No, no, no.”

And of course, that’s when the music kicked in. Obviously set to the tune of the breakout “Encanto” earworm “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” the late night host began running through everything that happened. You can watch Corden’s full parody performance in the video here and above.

“So, it was the Oscar show. Right in the beginning and Beyoncé crushed ‘Be Alive,’” Corden sang. “Chalamet walks in, showing some major skin, there’s nothing that can ever kill this vibe.”

As the host continued, he sang out the series of events that occurred during the night, but when it came time to talk about Chris Rock hitting the stage to present the award for Best Documentary, Corden skipped right ahead to other highlights.

Eventually, he was joined on stage by dancers, making it a full production. But through the whole thing, they stayed true to the song’s title; they didn’t technically talk about Jada Pinkett Smith.