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James Corden Sings a Viral Ode to YouTube (Video)

”Late Late Show“ host will broadcast from the YouTube Space in LA on Aug. 21

Ahead of his August 21 broadcast from inside the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, James Corden has released a musical love letter to the video sharing website.

“When the world leaves you weary/When life feels routine/You always know the place to go just inside your screen,” Corden begins. He then launches into a celebration of our favorite viral videos, like “Chocolate Rain,” the sneezing panda and epic fails.

Corden also paid tribute to early viral sensations like Star Wars Kid, Charlie Bit My Finger, David After Dentist, and of course, Grumpy Cat.

Corden will talk with YouTube stars like Jenna Marbles, Tyler Oakley, Kandee Johnson, The Slo Mo Guys and the creators of “Epic Rap Battles of History.” It will mark the first time a late-night talk show has filmed an entire episode inside YouTube’s L.A. space.

TheWrap held its ShortList Film Festival closing ceremony at the space on Tuesday.

Watch the video.