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James Corden Blasts Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Through Song (Video)

”Why’s it such a crisis, thousands willing to fight ISIS?“ Corden sings

James Corden often features musical numbers on “The Late Late Show,” but Wednesday night he took his singing in a political direction to criticize President Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military.

In a rendition of “L-O-V-E” by Bert Kaempfert, popularized by Nat King Cole, Corden sang, “L,’ he doesn’t care for lesbians. ‘G,’ he thinks two men should just be friends. ‘B,’ to his dumb knowledge is just a phase in college. ‘T,’ he finds confusing so the army’s now refusing trans women who only want to serve, trans men who want rights we all deserve.”

“POTUS thinks it’s unsavory. Patriots who know real bravery, Trump’s got hate for me and you,” the cover continued. “This ban only saves that budget 0.04 percent. How is their ‘disruption’ worse than Trump’s corruption? Why’s it such a crisis, thousands willing to fight ISIS?”

The song came later in the show after his opening monologue, in which he also addressed the military ban. “This is unusual,” Corden said. “Usually when Trump wants to keep someone out of military service, he just fakes a doctor’s note saying he has a foot injury. It worked fine for him during Vietnam,” he added in a reference to Trump’s avoidance of the draft during the Vietnam War.

He also pointed out that according to a 2015 report, the military spends five times as much money on Viagra than on transgender medical costs. In the three tweets announcing the ban, Trump cited medical costs for transgender people serving as a driving factor in the ban.

“So Trump thinks transgender soldiers aren’t normal, but 71-year-old men with full-blown erections are,” Corden said.

Watch the full song in the video above.