James Cromwell Demands That Walmart Stop Pig Torture (Video)

The “Babe” star calls on retail giant to cut ties with abusive pork suppliers

James Cromwell, who played the benevolent farmer in “Babe,” is continuing his crusade against animal cruelty with a new video targeted at retail giant Walmart.

In the video, the animal-rights activist (and more recently star of “American Horror Story”) is accompanied by hidden-camera footage purportedly recorded at a Walmart pork supplier that depicts pigs being mutilated, confined to tiny “gestation crates” and slammed against the ground.

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“These curious and social animals are driven mad by boredom and stress in these nightmarish conditions,” Cromwell says in the video, created by Mercy for Animals. “This is torture, plain and simple.”

Cromwell’s advocacy of animal rights is well known. In February, he was arrested during a PETA protest over experimentation on cats at a meeting of the University of Wisconsin’s board of regents.

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“As compassionate people, we cannot allow this to continue,” Cromwell says in the new video. “Please join me in calling on Walmart to take a stand against animal cruelty by ditching pork from suppliers who confine pigs in gestation crates.”

Watch Cromwell’s plea in the video. (WARNING: Graphic and disturbing content.)