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Seth Rogen: James Franco Might Play Tommy Wiseau in Film About ‘The Room’

”127 Hours“ star considers yet another role

James Franco could play Tommy Wiseau, the notorious director/producer/equipment buyer/star of “The Room.” At least, according to Seth Rogen.

The “Neighbors” star was chatting with talk radio’s Opie & Anthony when the conversation moved to Wiseau’s film, a cult classic that is largely considered to be the best bad movie of all time.

“[Franco] might play Tommy Wiseau,” Rogen said.

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Rogen’s production company, Point Grey Pictures, already bought the rights to “The Disaster Artist,” a memoir by Greg Sestero about starring with Wiseau in the film. Franco will also direct.

“I think I saw [“The Room”] ten years ago,” Rogen said. “Right when it came out. I just moved to L.A. and there would be billboards for it and ads and stuff like that. I remember seeing it with Jonah Hill, randomly, and we became obsessed with it. It was the greatest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.”

Screenings of the film have taken place around the world, with fans reveling in its sheer awfulness. Wiseau, in particular, has been described by Franco as “part vampire, part Hollywood dreamer, part gangster, part Ed Wood, and super lonely.”

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“There’s something that’s oddly brilliant [about “The Room,”] in a weird way.” Rogen said.

Here’s a refresher on how amazingly bad “The Room” really is.

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