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James Franco, Nicki Minaj Mock ‘Peter Pan Live!’ on New ‘SNL’ Promo (Video)

”The Interview“ actor will host the NBC sketch comedy show on Saturday with ”Anaconda“ singer serving as musical guest

James Franco and Nicki Minaj take a good natured shot at NBC’s “Peter Pan Live!” in the new promo for their upcoming episode of the network’s “Saturday Night Live.”

“I’m hosting ‘SNL’ this week with musical guest Nicki Minaj and, as a little salute to ‘Peter Pan Live!’ we’re off to Neverland,” Franco says. Then he and Minaj flap their arms and try and fly away, like Allison Williams presumably will on the network’s live broadcast of the J.M. Barrie classic, which co-stars Christopher Walken as Captain Hook.

Not surprisingly, nothing happens.

“Oh, forgot to put my wire on,” Franco says.

“Me too,” adds Minaj.

In the clip’s other short promo, the “Anaconda” rapper and the actor-director-artist exchange a lengthy and overly complex secret handshake.

“A lot of people really don’t know Nick and I are really good friends in good life,” he tells the cameras.

Minaj doesn’t say anything, but her cleavage-baring top might actually speak volumes about Saturday’s performances.

Franco and Minaj appear on “Saturday Night Live” at 11:30 p.m. ET on Saturday, Dec. 6 on NBC.