James Franco Re-imagines ‘That ’70s Show’ With Actual 70 Year Olds in Latest ‘Making a Scene’ (Video)

Multi-hyphenate appears as geriatric Eric Forman and Michael Kelso in newest installment of AOL series

In a new episode of AOL’s “Making a Scene with James Franco,” the actor re-imagines the lives of the characters from “That ’70s Show” if they were in their 70s.

The geriatric group never left the basement in Franco’s version, and still spend their time passing joints around the circle and rocking out to Steve Miller’s “The Joker.”

Franco appears as a gray-haired Michael Kelso and Eric Forman, who laments the fact that his teenage love Donna has died.

So far in his series’ sophomore season, Franco has mashed up “Freaks and Geeks” with “Saved By The Bell” — as well as “Breaking Bad” with “Sex and the City,” in which he played Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw. He also recently appeared in a new version of “Friends” in which he played both Rachel and Joey.