John Travolta Remembers James Gandolfini: ‘He Was a People Person First’ (Video)

The deceased actor's "Get Shorty" co-star and friend remembers a kind gesture when his son, Jett, died suddenly in 2009

John Travolta appeared on "Good Morning America" on Thursday morning to promote his upcoming action movie, "Killing Season," but took a moment to share a personal story about his recently deceased former co-star James Gandolfini.

Travolta emphasized what "a people person" Gandolfini was, and spoke of when the actor went above and beyond the call of friendship for he and his family during the death of son Jett in 2009.

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"James went out of his way to come to Florida and he would not leave Florida until I was okay, or he felt that I would be fine," Travolta said. "After a week I said, ‘Jim you can really,  you know, we’ll be fine.  I’ve got a lot of support here. But the idea that in our profession someone would go out of their way and not want to leave you until he felt you were okay, that’s the kind of soul that James Gandolfini was. He was a people person first and then everything else."

"Killing Season" is Travolta's first movie starring opposite Robert De Niro, one of his early acting inspirations. And as host Robin Roberts brought up, Travolta served as an inspiration to Gandolfini, too.

Find out the pivotal role Travolta played in encouraging the actor who became Tony Soprano to embark on a long and hard road to the top of his craft, in the video below: