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Here’s How James Holzhauer Responded to Losing ‘Jeopardy!’

He’ll still appear in the next Tournament of Champions

James Holzhauer’s  “Jeopardy!” winning streak may be over, but he’s not a sore loser.

After a 32-game winning streak, the professional gambler was bested by Emma Boettcher, a librarian from Chicago. Though Holzhauer narrowly missed topping Ken Jennings’ all-time winnings record of $2,520,700, he still walked away with a total of $2,462,216 in prize money — plus a $2,000 consolation prize for coming in second place in his last episode.

“Emma dominated her warmup games that day, and I knew she would make an extremely tough challenger. I was still incredibly impressed by her courage on that ‘True Daily Double,'” Holzhauer said in a statement Monday. “I never really believed I could win 75 shows, but I definitely thought I had a great shot at Ken’s cash winnings record.”

The trivia wizard also took to Twitter after the game to express his thoughts and praise the winner, who made some bold plays.

“CONGRATULATIONS to Emma on a world-beating performance. There’s no greater honor than knowing an opponent had to play a perfect game to defeat me,” Holzhauer said in the first of a four-tweet thread.

“‘James will eventually beat himself by flubbing one of his big bets.’ Nope, James got his a– kicked straight up by an elite player who nailed her own big bets,” he said, continuing his praise of Boettcher.

Then he turned his attention to the real winner of the night — Ken Jennings, whose all-time record remains intact.

“To @KenJennings : You win this round. But if Jeopardy ever gives me 43 second chance games, look out!” Holzhauer said.


He closed out the thread with a word to his fans.


“To everyone: Thanks for the support, and remember to be good humans.”

Jennings retweeted Holzhauer’s thread, and followed it up with a little joke at Holzhauer’s expense.

“Actual photo of James Holzhauer walking off stage at Jeopardy, his reign of destruction completed,” Jennings tweeted, along with a picture of Thanos from “Avengers: Infinity War” after he snaps his fingers and wipes out half of all life in the universe.

Holzhauer will return to “Jeopardy!” in Season 36 for the next edition of the Tournament of Champions.