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James Mangold Calls for Hollywood to Boycott Fox After Capitol Riots: ‘I Should Have Stood Up Sooner’

”We must cancel appearances on Fox & use our power to keep ads 4 our shows off Fox,“ the director says

Movie director James Mangold was so fired up by the “lawlessness” of today’s U.S. Capitol attack, he took to Twitter to call for an entertainment industry boycott of Fox.

Mangold’s tweet attacked Rupert Murdoch — whose Fox Corporation owns the Fox broadcast network, Fox News and Fox television stations — for his company’s role in fanning the flames that led to the attacks.

“Watching lawlessness in our capitol — thugs supporting a coup — & deeply saddened,” he wrote. The Murdochs have inflicted so much racism, sexism, virulent lies & damage to our nation. Fellow content makers, we must cancel appearances on Fox & use our power to keep ads 4 our shows off Fox.”

Mangold’s representative did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment. Fox also did not respond to a request for comment.

While Mangold’s tweet garnered some positive responses on Twitter, at least one reader took note of some irony in the tweet.

“I’m sorry but when did you realize this? Before or after you made MULTIPLE movies for Fox,” Mr. Gitz tweeted.  “I respect your work but talk about hypocrisy. You’ve helped this. The Murdoch’s have been known assholes for decades. This is where it was leading.”

James Mangold — whose films include “Walk The Line,” “Wolverine” and “Ford vs. Ferrari” — responded by saying, “There’s a difference between assholes and traitors but you still make a good point. I should have stood up sooner. We all have lines we draw, often we draw them too late, hoping for change. I regret ever helping the Murdochs make a dollar in the past. They are deplorable.”

For the record, Disney dropped Fox’s name from its movie and TV studios amid a rebranding after its 2019 merger with Fox.

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