James Woods Rushes to Obama’s Defense on Twitter

Noted Hollywood conservative alerts Secret Service after troll suggests that president should be killed and eaten

LAS VEGAS, NV-JUNE 11: Actor James Woods poses for photographers at the Vegas Magazine 2nd Anniversary Party on June 11, 2005 in the Green Valley Ranch Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Bryan Haraway/Getty Images)
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Is it Opposite Day again already? Or is James Woods the latest famous victim of a social media hack?

“Once Upon a Time in America” star and noted Hollywood conservative Woods found himself in an extremely rare situation on Tuesday: Taking to Twitter and actually defending President Obama.

In a jarring turnaround from his usual stance on the Leader of the Free World, Woods actually rushed to Obama’s aid, notifying the Secret Service to a potential threat to the president.

“.@SecretService You might be interested in this person…,” the actor wrote, in response to a tweet reading, in part, “We must kill and eat Obama.”

“I may disagree with #Obama on virtually everything. To threaten his life allegedly in jest is appalling and a federal felony @SecretService,” Woods explained to his Twitter followers shortly thereafter.

Woods has been one of Obama’s harshest critics in the showbiz realm, taking the president to task for his reaction to last year’s school shooting in Oregon and ripping Obama for his “shocking failure to lead.”

But apparently there are limits to partisan politics. At least in James Woods‘ eyes.

While Woods took the potential threat seriously, alas, the same couldn’t be said of some of his Twitter followers.

Most people responding to the actor’s tweet agreed with his sentiment, but there were others who didn’t, like this user who stated: “@RealJamesWoods @SecretService Twitter allows all sorts of death threats against ordinary citizens, what makes obama any more special?”