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James Woods Suggests Matt Lauer Might Have Been Fired Over Money

Actor and noted conservative wonders if big corporations are ”using these unsubstantiated allegations as an easy way to dump expensive star contracts“

Forget the allegation of sexual misconduct against Matt Lauer — actor and right-wing provocateur James Woods has an alternate explanation for why the “Today” co-host was given the heave-ho this week.

Following Wednesday’s announcement that Lauer had been fired by NBC News after a complaint of “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace” was lodged against him, the “Once Upon a Time in America” actor took to Twitter to float a theory that Lauer might have actually been canned as a money-saving measure.

“Are big corporations using these unsubstantiated allegations as an easy way to dump expensive star contracts?” Woods asked in a tweet that linked to a story about Lauer’s ouster.

Woods’ suggestion found both supporters and naysayers in the reply section of his tweet. However, some responders were compelled to offer some alternate theories of their own.

“They’re sacrificing some high profile folks on the Left, so that at some point they can trot out a bunch of allegations against President Trump again — and demand he step down,” went one such theory.

“They are still butt hurt from those hard questions he asked Clinton. They put the blame on him too for Hillary’s loss,” read another response.

Woods later appeared to soften his suggestion, stating in a subsequent tweet that he was floating the question “as a general concept.”

“I’m asking this as a general concept by the way. I am not referring to the Matt Lauer situation, about which I have no knowledge whatsoever,” Woods wrote. “I’m not interested in who is telling the ‘truth.’ I am interested in the seemingly reckless power inherent in unsubstantiated charges.”

Woods has made a similar suggestion in the past. In April, after Bill O’Reilly parted ways with Fox News Channel following a New York Times report that O’Reilly and Fox News made payouts to five women to settle claims of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior, Woods tweeted, “Is it possible big corporations use ‘sexual harassment’ charges as a way to avoid lucrative contract obligations?”

The actor also asserted, “The simple truth is that the @oreillyfactor purge was simple out and out age discrimination.”

Earlier this year, Woods himself was accused of untoward behavior, after actress Amber Tamblyn said that the actor tried to pick her and her friend up when Tamblyn was 16. The actor denied the accusation, calling it “a lie.”