Jamie Lee Curtis’ ‘Boast’ About ‘Halloween’ Gets Props From The Rock

The success of the slasher sequel breaks new ground for women at the box office

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween

Jamie Lee Curtis has something to brag about, and she’s not holding back.

“I’m going for one BOAST post,” she tweeted Sunday, proudly sharing the success of her “Halloween” sequel that brought in $77.5 million on its opening weekend, scored second-best opening by any R-rated horror movie, and was the largest box office moneymaker with a woman over the age of 55 in the lead role… ever.

And she capped off the pat on the back with a much-deserved hashtag, #womengetthingsdone.

Fans, both famous and unfamiliar, cheered her on, including another box office superstar, Dwayne Johnson.

While many slasher films drive their box office off the appeal of their murderous antagonists, “Halloween” has Curtis playing Laurie Strode, an actor/character pair that perhaps can only be rivaled by Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley in “Alien” when it comes to famous women in horror. When Michael Myers breaks out, it’s the horror rematch of the century. Armed with a shotgun, Laurie isn’t the hinted, but rather the hunter. The new “Halloween” and its marketing have embraced the image of Curtis’ Laurie as the ultimate survivor.