Roy Moore Spokesperson Jane Porter: What About ‘Non-Accusers’? (Video)

“There’s a group of non-accusers who have not accused the judge”

Roy Moore campaign spokesperson Jane Porter offered a novel new defense of the multiple charges of sexual misconduct swirling around her candidate, suggesting that plenty of women had not been harassed by the judge. She called these women “non-accusers.”

“We need to make it clear that there’s a group of non-accusers who have not accused the judge of any sexual misconduct or anything illegal,” Porter told Poppy Harlow on the set of CNN’s “New Day.”

Porter continued by disparaging Leigh Corfman, the woman who said the judge molested her when she was 14 years old.

“When we’re talking about Leigh Corfman, even her own mother said that her report to the Washington Post — that her life spiraled out of control after this alleged incident — actually the court records say differently.”

It was bizarre interview from start to finish. At the get-go, Porter offered her congratulations to Harlow on the upcoming birth of her son and used the moment to crowbar in a swipe at Moore’s pro-choice opponent Doug Jones.

“Congratulations on your unborn child,” said Porter out the gate. “That’s the reason why I came down as a volunteer to speak for Moore, because he will stand for the rights of babies like yours in the womb where his opponent will support killing them until the moment of birth.”

“Let’s leave my child out of this,” said an annoyed Harlow later in the interview.

Corfman is only the most damning of numerous accusations against the judge. Once on his way to an easy victory in next week’s Alabama Senate race, Moore finds himself locked in a dead heat with his Democratic challenger Doug Jones.

After initially abandoning him, national Republicans have returned to Moore and President Trump offered his official endorsement on Monday. The race is now widely viewed as a toss-up.