‘Abbott Elementary’ Star Janelle James Says Comedy Helped Her Cope With Depression | Video

“UnWrapped” Podcast: “Am I depressed now? Not as much. That’s probably why I do less stand-up now. I’m happier.”

Before Janelle James was an Emmy-nominated actress on “Abbott Elementary,” she was stand-up comedian in Champaign, Illinois. During a recent episode of TheWrap’s “UnWrapped” Podcast, the actress opened up about her early days of comedy.

“Like most comedians, I started stand-up because of hardship,” James told TheWrap. “My dad was ill and dying, and then I found this thing that helped me refocus … It helped me process what I was going through.”

Nowadays, James is in a much better place. (It helps that she just got a dog — and that her boyfriend helped choose the name Braxton!) While the Virgin Island’s native has taken a break from performing stand-up, she is “happy” she can continue making people laugh as Principal Ava. 

“Am I depressed now? Not as much,” she said. “That’s probably why I do less stand-up now. I’m happier.”

For other women who are experiencing depression, the actress recommended therapy. “Don’t give up on the first [therapist] you try,” James said. “Everybody thinks you just go and you automatically like your therapist, and you get the answers in a month and now you’re fixed. That’s not how it goes. If you don’t like your therapist, find another.”

During this episode, James also …

  • Talked about the legacy of “Abbott Elementary”
  • Broke down dancing to “Back That Azz Up” in the Season 3 premiere
  • Shared details about the “Abbott Elementary” Season 3 wrap party
  • Revealed that her boyfriend says Ava’s confidence is the same confidence she has in herself

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