‘The View’: Ana Navarro Says Jan. 6 Committee’s Subpoena of Trump is ‘Mostly Symbolic’: ‘Trump Is Not Going to Show Up’ (Video)

“There’s not time before this committee disbands for him to show up,” Navarro said

The Jan. 6 congressional committee voted unanimously to subpoena Donald Trump for documents and testimony this week, but “The View” host Ana Navarro definitely doesn’t think he’ll actually testify. According to the host, the subpoena was “mostly symbolic.”

While host Sara Haines said she has a hunch that Trump actually wants to testify — comparing him to Jack Nicholson’s character in “A Few Good Men” — so that he can formally take credit for inciting such masses, Navarro was skeptical that it’d even be possible for Trump to appear in court this late in the investigation.

“Listen, the subpoena yesterday, that’s mostly symbolic. Trump is not going to show up,” Navarro said bluntly. “He’s not going to show up, and there’s no time before the elections, and there’s not time before this committee disbands for him to show up.”

Navarro added that she’s so angry at this point, but all that can really be done is for people to vote, and vote Trump allies out of office. You can watch Navarro’s full thoughts in the video above.

Host Sunny Hostin also had concerns about Trump getting out of the subpoena, pointing out that Steve Bannon refused to comply with the subpoena, was referred to the Justice Department, and still hasn’t been sentenced. But she was more worried about the possibility of the twice impeached former president somehow pardoning himself.

“I’ve always been concerned about those pocket pardons that people talk about,” Hostin said. “Like that he would have some kind of pocket pardon somewhere. He’s such a crazy person and he thinks he’s a king, I think that he’s probably written something that pardons him for anything that he did while he was the president.”

You can watch that discussion in the video below.