Jared Kushner Is Registered to Vote as a Woman, Twitter Says ‘Lock Her Up’

Trump son in law was revealed to have used a private email server for official government business, just like Hillary Clinton

Jared Kushner, the by all accounts male senior adviser to President Donald Trump, is registered to vote as a woman, and naturally Twitter could not refrain from launching jokes.

According to New York’s public voter registration information, Trump’s son-in-law’s voter profile lists his gender as “female.”

Kushner is recently under fire for using his private email account to send messages to government officials and in tune with Trump’s call to put Hillary Clinton in jail for doing the same, Twitter began crying “lock her up!” … in reference to Kushner this time though.

Others on Twitter began using this new information to defend Trump against criticisms of misogyny.

“Hope all you libtards saying Trump only hires men to top positions feel stupid after learning that Jared Kushner is a registered woman voter,” wrote one Twitter user.

Some people were just confused as to how to refer to Kushner upon learning this new bit of information.

“Do I use “he” or “she” when referring to Jared Kushner now?” asked a concerned Twitter user. 

Read some of the best responses below.