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‘Seinfeld’ Alum Jason Alexander Spars With Trump Supporters Over Gen. McMaster’s George Costanza Reference

”Just keep ur mouth shut about politics,“ one critic tells actor in Twitter face-off

Was that wrong? Should he not have done that?

“Seinfeld” alum Jason Alexander found himself devoting part of his week to fending off criticism, after commenting on the fact that newly tapped national security adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster once apparently referenced Alexander’s “Seinfeld” character George Costanza.

The heated back-and-forth began Monday, when  it was pointed out to Alexander on Twitter that McMaster once apparently referred to targeting enemies with bombing as the military equivalent of “George Costanza in ‘Seinfeld,’ ‘leave on an up note’ — just go in, do a lot of damage, and leave.”

“Yes, I”m so proud….. dear God :(,” the actor responded.

Twitter being Twitter and all, the actor shortly found himself the target of vitriol, with one detractor advising him to “keep ur mouth shut about politics.”

“Jason, pls note half of ur fans also voted for Trump so don’t be an a–hole to us and insult Trump. Just keep ur mouth shut about politics,” the detractor wrote.

“Capt., with respect, noting hypocrisy, lies & flagrant disregard for more than half of Americans isn’t being an a-hole, it’s pointing at 1,” the actor shot back.

Alexander continued, “And no sir, I will not ‘shut my mouth.’ You served our country for it’s freedoms, I’ll damn well exercise them. thank you for your service.

The actor added that his comment “intended no disrespect to Gen. McMaster, who seems a fine man. Just the weirdness of any leader quoting ‘George.'”

Which might have put things to rest, had yet another critic fired off, “Good thing he, I and others vets fought for that. Enjoy your freedom of speech.. but please, at least allow us ours.”

“You don’t see me telling anyone to shut up,” Alexander responded. “I welcome decent discourse.”

And, yada yada.

Read Alexander’s attempt at decent discourse below.

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