Jodie Foster Tried to Teach Jason Biggs How to Masturbate (Video)

The actress guest-directed an episode of “Orange Is the New Black” where Biggs takes on “edging”

Jason Biggs doesn’t need any masturbation advice, thank you very much, Jodie Foster.

The “Orange Is the New Black” actor told Conan O’Brien Tuesday that the famed actress had some constructive criticism for his “edging” ability on the set of the Netflix show. (If you don’t know what edging is, you probably don’t want to know, but the below video will explain it in great detail.)

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The Oscar-winning actress, who was guest-directing an “Orange” episode, felt awkward advising Biggs on the self-pleasuring technique. The “American Pie” star did his best to squash the situation.

“Foster, believe me, I got this,” Biggs recounted. “I made a career of this, babe, relax.”

As if that wasn’t enough for one interview segment, Biggs then shared an incredible story of the time he was dying to be recognized in Turkey in order to get his family out of a sticky detainee situation. Naturally, that tale also included a weird sexual fetish.

Biggs tried his best, recounting, “Hat off, sunglasses off — I was looking for a pie to f— in front of them … ”

At that point, O’Brien wisely cut to commercial. Watch the video: