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Jason Biggs Spoofs Kony 2012 Guy’s Naked Episode

“American Reunion” actor Jason Biggs peels down to his birthday suit to re-create Invisible Children co-founder’s mental snap

Jason Biggs engaged in a bit of raw satire on Wednesday.

The "American Reunion" actor lampooned "Kony 2012" video director Jason Russell's naked meltdown from earlier this month in the hallway of Chicago television station WGN-TV on Wednesday morning, stripping down to his underwear and finally down to nothing.

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Biggs' reenactment occurred after he and "American Pie" co-star Seann William Scott did an interview for WGN's morning news show.

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During the re-creation — which was captured on one of the station's security cameras — Biggs peeled down to his shorts and goes berserk, writhing on the floor and slamming the floor with his hands. When Scott approached to investigate, Biggs ditched the shorts and ran down the hall stark-naked.

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Biggs' performance was in reaction to an incident earlier this month, when Jason Russell — who directed the "Kony 2012" video, which quickly became an Internet sensation with its exposure of Ugandan guerrilla leader Joseph Kony — was detained by police in San Diego for public nudity, alleged public masturbation and suspicion of vandalism. (A video purporting to chronicle the meltdown was subsequently published by TMZ.)

No charges were filed against Russell, but he was transferred to a medical facility for treatment.

Danica Russell, his wife, later insisted that the episode was due to "reactive psychosis," and was "in no way the result of drugs or alcohol.”

Time will tell what Biggs' excuse is. In the meantime, watch Biggs channel Russell in the video here. And fear not, no pies were harmed in the making of the video.