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Jason Jones Reveals How ‘The Detour’ Borrows From His Own Life

TCA 2016: ”We just stay together for our careers,“ comedian jokes about marriage to fellow executive producer Samantha Bee

Jason Jones not only executive produces and stars in TBS’ new sitcom “The Detour,” he also put a lot of his own life into the show.

An awkward conversation about sex with his onscreen children was inspired by his own kids, who came to him with the “where do babies come from?” question earlier than most, said Jones onstage during the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Thursday.

“The core of it was how I speak to my children, which is a very blunt fashion,” he said. “I don’t see that on TV a lot. Like, the sex conversation came up very early. They came up with these theories, like the baby gets planted in the forehead and then grows in the tummy and then comes out of mommy’s tummy scar. I couldn’t live with myself with my kid being that dumb. That was where it came from, that honest communication with your kid.”

Jones also executive produces the series with his wife, Samantha Bee, but doesn’t find it that difficult to separate their work and personal lives.

“I’m just a terrible husband, terrific EP. We just stay together for our careers. We look to the Clintons and go …” he joked. “I don’t think we think about it that much. It comes sort of naturally. We talk about ideas at home, then we raise the kids, then we have sex.”

“The Detour” also stars Natalie Zea and premieres in 2016.

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