Jason Kelce Didn’t Show Up Wearing ‘The Hangover’ Cosplay in Vegas for Super Bowl

Despite a viral post that claimed otherwise, Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman didn’t fully embrace his inner Zach Galifianakis while having a blast in Sin City

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

If anyone could be named the living embodiment of the phrase “living my best life,” it just might be Philadelphia Eagle and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend’s brother, Jason Kelce. Much to the delight of film and football fans, a photo of Kelce showing up in Las Vegas dressed in full “Hangover” attire, down to the man purse — I mean, satchel — went viral. But as PolitiFact found after doing an analysis of the photo, while it was a solid edit, it had been altered and wasn’t what Kelce actually wore to town.

The post set off X (formerly Twitter). As one person put it, “Jason Kelce arriving in Vegas wins everything today.”

Another wrote, “If you ask me, #TaylorSwift picked the wrong Kelce brother. @JasonKelce > @killatrav.” (It’s worth noting Kelce has been happily married to his wife, Kylie, since 2018.)

A Kansas City Chiefs memes account also got in on the fun and tweeted, “Jason Kelce is a national treasure.”

Kelce did have some other, actual Vegas antics that ain’t a lot of attention. During her performance Saturday, Adele asked the audience if there were any Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers fans in attendance — only to have Kelce bellow, “Eagles!”

Adele replied, “You sound drunk and like you’re a football fan.”

The X account for “New Heights,” the podcast the Kelce brothers have together, tweeted a video of the moment and captioned it, “Damn that one Eagles fan sounds super familiar.”

Correction: An earlier version of this post mistakenly stated that this image was real. TheWrap regrets the error.


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