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Jason Momoa and Hugh Grant Could Not Have More Different Movie Careers (Video)

”Aquaman“ star and ”Sense and Sensibility“ actor compare fake film tattoos

First, let’s get this out of the way: No, Jason Momoa didn’t fart while in Icelandic water filming “Aquaman.” Or at least, he didn’t that one time that everyone on the crew thinks he did.

Also, some of the character’s tattoos are real, others are not.

“They’re like stickers,” Momoa told popular British TV host Graham Norton of the ones on his sea-character’s torso and right arm. “It takes quite a bit. I mean, it’s about an hour and a half [of] makeup in the morning just to put ‘em all on. There’s like 20-odd pieces that they have to put on. It takes a long time to get them all off.”

“It was the same in ‘Sense and Sensibility,'” fellow Norton guest Hugh Grant deadpanned.

Yeah, he scored with that one.

Later, Momoa said with the exception of “Justice League,” he hasn’t let his kids watch any of his work. That’s probably a good idea considering “Game of Thrones” is what everyone knows Momoa from. Again, Grant got his quips in.

“Mine don’t even want to watch me,” Grant offered. “I beg them to. They’re sitting there watching ‘Dino Trucks,’ I say, ‘No! What about one of daddy’s films!'”

“I shove it in the DVD and there’s tears and tantrums,” he continued.

Back to “Dino Trucks.”

Watch the video above.