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‘Game of Thrones’ Star Jason Momoa Grilled on Twitter for 2011 Rape Joke

Actor said he enjoyed working on hit HBO show because he ”got to rape beautiful women“

“Game of Thrones” star Jason Momoa is feeling the heat on Twitter after a video surfaced of the actor saying he enjoyed working on the hit HBO show because he got to “rape beautiful women.”

Momoa made the comment at San Diego Comic-Con in 2011, where both the actor and a portion of the crowd got a laugh out of it.


The clip surfaced in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, where the dishonored Hollywood powerhouse has been accused by nearly 30 women of sexual misconduct.

Momoa’s “joke” hasn’t aged well, and Twitter users are now sharing their disappointment. Some have already wiped him off “the list.”

King Crissle chimed in she should’ve known “Momoa was too fine to be worth a damn.”


Others wanted to know if the actor had to be on drugs to say something that dumb.

Twitter user “Monster King” got right to the point, saying the upcoming “Aquaman” star had “f—ed up royally.”

Fangirls who wanted to believe Momoa wasn’t “trash” ended up getting their hearts broken, according to one commenter.


What better way to share your disappointment than to post a meme of Denzel chucking his glasses down in anger. “Jason Momoa was too fine and perfect,” lamented one observer. “Knew there had to be something wrong. But damn it!”