Jason Sudeikis Says He’s Still Undecided About Leaving ‘SNL’ (Video)

"I'll stay if you stay," the actor tells Barbara Walters on Thursday's "The View"

With her own announcement that she's retiring next year, Barbara Walters grilled Jason Sudeikis about reports that he's leaving NBC's "Saturday Night Live" when he appeared on Thursday's "The View."

"Yeah, well, I mean… You never leave the show," Sudeikis, who was promoting his new animated film "Epic," answered when Walters asked him about the reports.

"You never leave the show, I really believe that," he continued. "I think these last few weeks have shown that, with Kristen [Wiig] coming back to host, [Maya Rudolph has] been back."

Of course, Walters didn't get this far in her journalism career by being a pushover.

"I feel honored to be getting hardballed by you!" he said. "I don't know. I sincerely don't know at this point."

He then joked, "I'll stay if you stay. How about that?"

Reports that Sudeikis is on his way out of the NBC sketch show began months ago. But the buzz was reignited when cast mate Jay Pharoah included him in a goodbye tweet, which was subsequently deleted, alongside confirmed show departers Bill Hader and Fred Armisen last Sunday.

Watch the interview below: