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Jay Leno Crashes While Riding 2,500-Horsepower Car for TV Show (Video)

Car flips over violently several times as cameras roll

Jay Leno got the thrill — and the scare — of his life while filming his car show “Jay Leno‘s Garage.”

While taping the season premiere, which airs June 29, the former talk show host was involved in a violent car crash.

In the episode, Jay teamed up with one of his icons, legendary stunt driver Bob Riggle, at Irwindale Speedway in California. The duo strapped into a 2,500-horsepowered Hemi Under Glass as the cameras started rolling.

After successfully lifting the car on two wheels, Riggle lost control as he tries to turn.

The car flipped over several times, banging up its occupants before landing upright.

Luckily, both Riggle and Leno emerged unhurt. Leno even cracked a joke as safety personnel rushed to the crash site.

Check out the scary video above.

Jay Leno‘s Garage” returns next Wednesday at 10pm ET on CNBC.