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Jay Leno Reminds Sylvester Stallone Why He Should Never Do a Musical (Video)

If they haven’t already, Broadway fans should realize how lucky they are Stallone wasn’t cast in the ”Rocky“ musical

Sylvester Stallone told Jay Leno he will not be participating in the “Rocky” musical coming to Broadway early next year because his voice would turn it into “a haunted theater,” so in typical late-night talk show fashion, Leno showed the audience what Stallone was talking about.

“I sang with Dolly Parton, then I realized, ‘God what a fool I am,'” Stallone said of his “Rhinestone” performance in 1984. “Oh my God, seriously. If you ever want somebody to haunt a ship, get a record of that.”

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Of course, Leno did have a record, and Stallone, of course, acted surprised that it would be used to demonstrate his own point that he should never sing in public again.

“This is what happens when you don’t call me ahead of time and tell me what you want to talk about,” Leno said.

The “Rocky” musical begins previews on Feb. 11 at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City. You be the judge whether or not it was a good idea not to cast the original Italian Stallion in the role.