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Jay Leno Knocks Jimmy Fallon’s Interview Skills During First Return to ‘Tonight Show’ Since Departure (Video)

The former ”Tonight Show“ host performed a six-minute stand-up set and helped Fallon interview Lucy Liu

Jay Leno returned to “The Tonight Show” on Friday for the first time since his departure last February and was not afraid to crack jokes at replacement Jimmy Fallon‘s expense.

For starters, he cringed when Fallon referred to his 1927 Harley Davidson as an “old-timey Army motorcycle.”

“Yeah, to a bike guy, we call it an ‘old timey motorcycle,” Leno said in his interview (above). “That’s what guys in the gang call it.”

When “Elementary” star Lucy Liu joined the men on stage, Leno took advantage of her mention that he “knows everything” about the CBS show and asks her “specific questions” — a subtle jab at Fallon’s general inquiries.

“It’s called doing your research when a guest is on,” Leno joked.

The 64-year-old comedian’s best line of the night came shortly after, when Fallon said he’s “loyal” to NBC.

“Well, you have reason to be loyal,” Leno said, which was an obvious jab at the network for deciding to give him the boot (twice) after 22 years as “Tonight Show” host.

Watch Leno help Fallon interview Liu, below, as well as his six-minute stand-up routine he performed: