Jay Leno’s Adventures in Advertising (video)

Sunday wasn't the first time the Chin has shown up in a commercial. Or even the Super Bowl. Plus: Chevy Chase's big TV spot

Last Updated: October 8, 2012 @ 12:48 PM


Jay Leno is no stranger to Super Bowl commercials. Or ads featuring chips. It was just a year ago, you'll remember, that NBC used its broadcast of the Big Game to hype the bold new experiment known as Jay at 10. Remember this?

In Sunday's instantly-a-classic CBS promo featuring Jay, Dave and Oprah, Jay is seen eating what appears to be a Baked Lays potato chip. The last time Leno ate chips in a commercial, of course, he was pitching Cool Ranch Doritos back in the 1980s. (Check out how small his chin seems. Implants?)

Meanwhile, failed talk show hosts have a history of taking to the airwaves to lick their wounds. And, in a weird type of karma, it was Doritos that gave Chevy Chase a chance to recover after his Fox series went belly-up.

Wonder if Conan's exit deal from NBC allows him to appear in any ads?