‘Game Change’ Director Jay Roach Follows Agent Dan Aloni to WME

Jay Roach, who directed all three “Austin Powers” movies, moves to WME with his agent, Dan Aloni, who was fired from CAA Feb. 29

Jay Roach, the director of all three "Austin Powers" movies, among others, is the latest producer-director to follow Dan Aloni to WME from CAA.

WME confirmed to TheWrap on Tuesday that the "Game Change" director (below) has moved to the agency.

CAA fired Aloni on Feb. 29.

"The Dark Knight" writer-director Christopher Nolan, who followed Aloni from UTA to CAA, was the first of Aloni's clients to move with the agent to WME. He left CAA the same day as Aloni.

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Since then, directors Andrew Fleming, Michel Gondry, Raja Gosnell, Jonathan Mostow, Dean Parisot, David Purchase, Ian Purchase and Tom Shadyac also defected to WME.

Aloni client Mike Myers, the star of the "Austin Powers" movies, also moved to WME.

Even before Aloni was fired, WME chief Ari Emanuel courted the agent. With so many clients proving their loyalty to Aloni, by moving to WME, it's increasingly clear that Emanuel made the right call.

Variety first reported the news.