Jean-Claude Van Damme Teaches Adam Brody Survival Skills in ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ Trailer (Video)

The “Hard Target” star’s round-house kick is in full force

Hot off his demonstration of an “epic split” for Volvo, Jean-Claude Van Damme is stretching into comedy alongside Adam Brody in “Welcome to the Jungle.”

The movie, which hits theaters and VOD on Feb. 7, follows a group of white collar co-workers who get stranded on a desert island after a team-building exercise goes horribly awry when the pilot who can get them off the island is found dead.

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JCVD plays the ex-Marine hired to lead the survival skills seminar, and when the situation escalates to a “Lord of the Flies”-type scenario, he may be Brody’s only hope for survival.

Rob Huebel (“Childrens Hospital”), Kristen Schaal (“The Daily Show”), Megan Boone (“The Blacklist”) and Dennis Haysbert (“24”) co-star in the comedy.