Jeb Bush Gets Tough, Wants to Kill Terrorist With His Bare Hands … on Premium Cable (Video)

“I like to keep our country safe,” former Florida governor says

Jeb Bush’s campaign has been dead on arrival, but the GOP presidential candidate warns he could kill a terrorist with his bare hands … at least on TV.

On Friday Bush tweeted a clip from Showtime’s new campaign trail documentary, “The Circus,” in which he talks about snagging a “G-rated” part on “Homeland.”

When asked by Showtime producers what kind of role he would be interested in, Bush answers, “One that’s G-rated … Where I kill a terrorist … With my bare hands? I’m all in!”

Apparently Bush is a big fan of the spy drama, telling producers he’s on “the 10th show of the third season.”

Asked what he likes about it, Bush said, “I like to keep our country safe.”