Jeb Bush Stays On the Attack, Blasts Donald Trump for … Being a Germaphobe

“Would you rather support a candidate who strives to shake every hand everywhere or is a germophobe when it comes to shaking hands?” former Florida Governor asks

Last Updated: September 2, 2015 @ 2:26 PM

Jeb Bush has unleashed the heavy guns against Donald Trump, setting up a page on his campaign website dedicated to criticizing the GOP frontrunner.

Which Candidate Are You” starts out serious, asking if voters prefer a candidate who opposes the Iran deal (Jeb) or one who “thought Hillary Clinton would negotiate a good Iran deal” (Trump).

But Bush goes off the rails a bit toward the end, suggesting that being a germaphobe disqualifies one from the highest office in the land.

The former Florida governor asks whether voters would prefer a candidate who “strives to shake every hand everywhere” or is a “germophobe when it comes to shaking hands?”

Bush’s germaphobe attack comes a day after his campaign ran an ad that attacked Trump for his liberal positions over the years on healthcare and taxes along with nice comments he made about Hillary Clinton.

If the battle between Bush and Trump has cheapened down to Purell levels, viewers should expect fireworks at CNN’s GOP debate on September 16th.

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